Coaching Packages

My clients are educators just like you


Clients come to me knowing that online education is more than a blip. They want to future-proof their career by becoming great online educators.

Through my research and working with clients from a wide range of disciplines, I have noticed two things that keep showing up:


There is not a one-size-fits all approach to teaching online, and nor should there be; and


Great teaching happens when the unique experiences and strengths of an educator become aligned with their teaching ideal


My coaching service is for educators who want to be better at teaching online. Importantly, what ‘better’ means is different for every client because every educator has their own unique career goals and reasons for wanting to be a great online teacher.

How my coaching works

Step 1

Get Started

No obligation, free consultation

Step 2

Build Your Foundations

Investigative process resulting in development of a personalised, actionable teaching online strategy

Step 3

Implementation Support

Multiple options for ongoing support as you execute your new strategies

Yes, consultancy packages are available for institutions seeking team-wide coaching.

Those packages are customised to suit specific needs and outcomes - contact me directly to discuss.

What this means for you


I do not change who you are as a teacher or ask you to implement strategies that might work for some but that simply will not fit well with your style or your subject. Instead, together we identify the parts of your teaching style that will work best online and we power those parts up.


Clients tell me that before this coaching they felt overwhelmed by noise and by seemingly endless advice and instructions about how to teach online; none of which helped them feel like a better educator day-to-day. My clients want a personalised service that cuts through the noise and that yields timely, actionable strategies that can be confidently applied.


My established research-driven approach is geared toward finding your teaching ideal - together we then align that ideal with your innate strengths.


After working with me through a personalised, guided process, a wide variety of educators have now embraced teaching online in ways that make sense for them, their subject, and their students. Not only are they getting great feedback from students and colleagues, but they are also enjoying teaching online while still having time for other priorities.