Personalised coaching to achieve a better online experience for you and your students

Dr Deniese Cox


Many educators aren’t happy with their online teaching

– and neither are their participants!

I’ll coach you past the one-size-fits-all generic advice, and you’ll soon be confidently implementing customised, effective strategies that are aligned to your context


Your participants will soon be more engaged

and more connected to your great content

Start with a free no obligation consultation to see

if 1:1 coaching is right for you (book here)


I know how unsatisfying a less than ideal online teaching experience can be

Whether you simply give the occasional lecture or are facilitating a whole course, support is available


Drawing on years of hands-on experience and extensive first-hand research, I’ve helped countless topic-experts just like you become the educator they want to be online with content to be proud of






My approach of developing personalised coaching modules as you need them means that you pay-as-you-go and start-stop anytime


Some clients want to fine-tune one particular area, others want a more intense program, and yet others seek ad-hoc support as new needs or goals arise over time

Whatever your needs, this coaching service remains

flexible, responsive, on demand

Choosing your coaching focus

Use the matrix below to start thinking about your ideal focus area/s. Together we’ll agree the specific elements you most want to target.

You can click on any box to see example topics that have been addressed for previous clients.


There are more than 100 topics so far within these categories,

and new topics are always being added in response to unique client needs

Remember - no two client needs or experiences are the same, and this means that your coaching module is customised just for you! Although I draw heavily on best-practice research, observation, and first-hand experience, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for teaching or presenting well online.

Achieving a better online experience requires

personalised strategies aligned with your needs, goals, and context

The Process

Teaching well online – whether live online, in pre-recorded videos, or through self-paced content – is rarely about technological wizardry. Instead, it’s about you confidently implementing effective strategies that best fit your unique style, topic, context, and purpose.


After understanding your context and expectations, I will develop customised solutions just for you. Your unique 1:1 coaching module will include practical, proven strategies that will result in you authentically delivering great content online.

You will soon be efficiently implementing effective strategies using technology and tools that you’re comfortable with. Your students will feel more connected, and your key messages will get through. The end result is a better online experience for you and for them.


Start with a free, no-obligation consultation to see if 1:1 coaching is right for you