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Interactive webinars and workshops for educators and teams wanting to learn proven strategies to achieve a better online experience

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2-min video: Introducing my webinars and workshops

Interactive, engaging, and always packed with insights!

From 1-hour webinars to multi-session workshops, I'm here to help your team get to where you want to be with efficient and effective ​teaching online strategies that yield results. 


I know you don't have time to waste resources, time, or energy with online practices that aren't getting the results you need. Drawing on years of hands-on experience, extensive formal study, and ongoing first hand research, I've helped many teams just like yours embrace practical, actionable strategies that do achieve great online outcomes for educators and students alike. 

Presented from my own green screen studio here in regional South-East Queensland, each webinar and workshop is customised to the needs of your team.


Teaching well online – whether through live sessions, in pre-recorded videos, or through a range of self-paced content – is rarely about technological wizardry. Instead, it’s about you and your team confidently implementing effective strategies that bet fit your unique styles, context, and purpose.

Whatever your needs, my interactive webinar workshops can be customised to suit. Choose from one of the many off-the-shelf webinar topics, have me develop a session that specifically addresses your needs, or let’s put together a whole series. 

Yes! In-person is also an option. While 95% of my clients love the online webinar approach, some teams do like having me fly in and spend time with them face-to-face.

Let's start with a free, no obligation consultation so I can better understand your needs and goals

Example Webinars to Inspire

Or we'll build something new just for you!

Feeling overwhelmed by all the below options?

Don’t worry - Simply book a no-obligation consultation.

Let’s chat about your goals, and from there I can recommend an approach that suits your needs, goals, and budget.


Maximising professional development

Tired of spending time on PD that gets forgotten a week later? Not sure what PD is right for you? Wanting to increase the value you get from your PD time? Look no further! During this interactive workshop you’ll be introduced to a range of proven, practical strategies for maximising your PD time and effort. These insights are relevant for all team members, and I know you’re going to love this session. This webinar workshop typically runs for 60-minutes.


A few teaching online foundations

For those educators and designers who are new to online education, this interactive webinar introduces you to the spectrum of online education modes, and shares why there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model of the ‘right’ way to teach or present content online. This webinar workshop typically runs for 60-minutes.


The 4 roles of online educators

Breaking the online educator role down into four memorable components (C.O.T.E.) is an effective way of understanding what adult online learners need and want from their education team. During this session, you’ll not only learn the framework, but will also consider your ideal priorities against your current practice. Then, a highly practical reflection tool will be introduced. You’ll learn how to draw on both the C.O.T.E. framework and its accompanying reflection tool to reflect on, and plan, your day-to-day teaching practice, team values, as well as balanced learning content and teaching interventions. Typically runs for 90-minutes.


Learner digital skills

Digital skills have been identified as a barrier for many learners seeking to participate in education. This isn’t an online versus in-person challenge - regardless of the format being delivered, digital skills are necessary for participation in education today. Not only are aspiring learners impacted, but so are educators! I researched this issue for two years and found that up to 87% of teaching load in some weeks is being spent providing remedial digital skill support instead of teaching planned core content. Drawing from the Good Practice Guide, during this webinar you’ll be introduced to key guidelines to inform the selection and implementation of digital skill support systems in your context. Typically runs for 90-minutes.


Essential insights for good slide design

PowerPoint – it’s a staple in education and we all know how to use it, right? Or do we? How many times have you seen bad visuals that just make you cringe? Well guess what – bad visuals don’t just make you cringe, they actively block learning engagement too. In this brilliant back-to-basics webinar, you’ll hear insights from updated online VET research where contemporary cognitive load theories have been applied to PowerPoint slide design. Hear what learners had to say, and see the impact slide design has on learning engagement and outcomes. Don’t be the team who contribute to learner cognitive overload – come learn 5 simple, practical things you can do with your PowerPoint slide design to immediately improve the experience for your learners. This webinar workshop typically runs for 60-minutes.

Don’t let your self-introduction keep blocking learner engagement

Did you know that your self-introduction or bio is one of the very first things students go looking for? And did you know they report most of the time our bio’s aren’t resonating with them? Worst of all, learners report that poorly written bio’s are negatively affecting willingness to engage, optimism for learning, trust in content, and even course drop-out rates. In this hands-on writing-workshop style webinar, you’ll be guided step-by-step through a proven formula for writing a self-introduction that really does resonate with learners and make a great first impression. This writing-workshop typically runs for 2-hours. 

Your face matters!

The webcam has become an essential tool in our toolkit over the past couple of years. Whether we formally present online, are recording content, or simply hosting live tutorials or meetings, the webcam is now an everyday element in education. However, the nature of your camera feed (angle, framing, position, etc) all significantly affect the learning experience and learning outcomes for your students.  Don’t be that educator who is accidentally blocking learner engagement just because of your camera feed.  During this essential webinar, you’ll hear learner feedback about their experiences and perceptions. You’ll also learn really practical advice that you can immediately apply regardless of what technology you have available to you. These insights are relevant for any educator who appears on screen (live or recorded). This webinar workshop typically runs for 60-minutes.


Click-worthy online learning content

Lots of educators get frustrated when they put time and effort into creating great online content, only for learners to not engage with it. Don’t worry, during this interactive webinar you’ll learn proven, practical, easy-to-implement strategies that do result in more learners engaging with more of your content more often. Absolutely essential for all education teams! Typically runs for 90-minutes. 

Guidelines for creating video content that learners will watch

Let’s face it – unwatched videos represent wasted resources. In this essential webinar you’ll learn why it is that students are expecting more and more video content. You’ll also learn why it is they’re quick to switch those videos right back off when we miss the mark. The practical, research-driven strategies you’ll learn here will have you making great video content in no time. This webinar workshop typically runs for 90-minutes.

Insights from learners about assessments

Ever wondered why learners only half complete an assessment question? Have you ever gotten frustrated when they give you a throwaway answer?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there are solutions! I led extensive research project working with learners to better understand their assessment perceptions and behaviours. Drawing on those research findings, during this interactive 90-minute webinar you’ll learn the 3 most common assessment barriers learners experience; along with proven strategies for improving assessment engagement. These practical, easy-to-implement strategies have been found to significantly reduce resubmissions while increasing learner completions. Absolutely essential for all teams. Typically runs for 90-minutes.

Thriving live online

We know that learners are more likely to pay attention in live sessions if they’re actively involved. They’re also more likely to retain information if they have opportunities to assimilate it. Yet let’s face it – too often those microphones stay silent and that chat box stays frustratingly empty. You don’t want to miss out on these insights and strategies. You’ll not only hear what it is that learners want from your live online sessions, you’ll also learn how to get their active engagement within those sessions. This highly flexible webinar can be presented as a 2-hour or a half-day session depending on your preferred scope.

Take control with RIGOR

The reality is that many team members feel too much of their time and energy is wasted feeling frustrated or distracted by problems, constraints, and all the decisions needing to be made and actioned (at work and at home). In this extremely popular workshop you’ll be introduced to the RIGOR technique where you’ll learn to process all kinds of problems and challenges in a way that gives you back control so you really can focus on the things that matter most to you. Typically runs for 2-hours.

Yes! You too can green screen

If you’re curious about how I get my videos and live online presentations looking so engaging as I stand in front of my content slides, be curious no longer. In this webinar you’ll learn exactly what hardware and software I use to bring her videos and live sessions to life with zero video editing! Best of all, the software I use is completely free, and you’ll receive my 150-page getting started guide to help you set that software up. Typically runs for 60 or 90 minutes, depending on preferred scope.

Yes, you can choose one of those existing webinars, or have me develop something especially for you and your team

Let’s chat about your goals, and from there I can recommend an approach that suits your needs, goals, and budget

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