To support my work consulting with education teams and supporting individuals, I am regularly asked to present live professional development webinars. The most popular, frequently-requested webinar topics are detailed below. 

Current publicly scheduled dates

A new series of dates is currently being finalised - will be released in early August. 

Webinar Descriptions

Topic: Introduction to Teaching Online

Yes, teaching online is different; No, technology isn’t now in the drivers seat

This webinar helps educators understand why teaching online feels like such a different space in which to teach. Busting 5 common myths about teaching with technology helps educators to see how technology supports and changes their role, but cannot and should not replace them.

An important message here is that already familiar strategies and tools don’t get thrown out the window. To demonstrate this, three innovative ways PowerPoint is being used to support online learners are unpacked – spoiler alert, these strategies have nothing to do with presenting information slides!!

75-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic: Introduction to Teaching Online

The 4 Roles of An Online Educator

Breaking the online educator role down into four memorable components (C.O.T.E.) is an effective way of understanding what online learners need and want from their educator. During this session, participants will consider their current role, and reflect on how their different teaching tasks fit within this framework. The highly practical accompanying checklist gives users a great tool for planning or revisiting online teaching interventions and content. At first, participants will use these learnings in their day to day practice. However, in my experience, as your educators become more familiar with the concepts, they will later be able to draw on this framework when looking at whole units and courses. 

60-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic: Introduction to Teaching Online

Thriving Online

We know that online participants are more likely to pay attention in live sessions if they're actively involved. Furthermore, they're more likely to retain information if they have opportunities to assimilate ideas. Yet let's face it, too often those mic's stay turned off and that chat-box stays empty.

In this webinar, attendees will learn some important foundation concepts about being a live online educator, and will see a proven teaching intervention that students line up for!

Then, live polling is introduced. Students love the anonymity of live polling, and they respond to the change in pace that comes with using a variety of poll types. Participants at this webinar will experience this ‘gateway to engagement’ tool first hand. They’ll experience several different poll types to get a feel for the student experience, while discussing why some question types work better than others in different situations.

90-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic : Click-Worthy Content

3 Click-Worthy Strategies That Get Students Engaging With Content

It's frustrating when we put effort into creating high quality online learning content only for students to not bother clicking on it. That content might include readings, videos, learning activities, etc. In this hands-on webinar, participants will learn three strategies that have been proven to significantly increase student engagement with content. Implement these strategies and you'll immediately see an increase in how much key content is accessed by more students.


Discussion forums are a specific type of learning activity. While the first part of this webinar is about getting students to click on key content, in this second part we’ll focus in on the nature of discussion forums once you have captured student attention. Educators will learn the differences between deep participation and superficial ‘likes’, and will be able to spot discussion champions, strikers, hustlers, and bench-sitters. Importantly, educators will learn to plan what kind of participation they’re seeking. These learnings are drawn from my published research in this space, and participants will understand how to design for, and coach students toward, authentic engagement in online discussion spaces.

90-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic : Click-Worthy Content

Guidelines For Making Video Content That Students Will Actually Watch

Many of today's students expect to see pre-recorded video content as part of their learning materials. They want to watch your presentations in their own time, and they want to revisit key concepts on demand. Yet those same students are saying that teacher-made videos are missing the mark. Unwatched videos represent wasted resources, time, and effort. In this webinar, participants will learn practical guidelines to plan and record videos that students will actually watch!

75-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic : Click-Worthy Content

Don't Let Your Teacher Introduction (about me) Block Student Engagement

First impressions affect drop-out rates and willingness to engage ratios, and gaining the trust and engagement of our online students is critical. And where do students go to get that first impression? Your teacher bio or introduction pages! Regardless of how live or self-paced your program is, those intro’s matter. Yet students say those bio’s are actively blocking engagement and missing a key opportunity to build trust. Don’t worry – I’ve worked with a communications expert to design and test the perfect formula, and every participant in this webinar will be walked through the process of writing their ‘about me’ introduction in a way that does resonate with students and prompts them to make contact.

75-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic : Behind The Scenes

The What and How of Having Your Own Green Screen Studio

To take your live online sessions and recorded video content to the next level, a green screen studio is the obvious answer. In this informational webinar, I’ll talk about the benefits of having a simple green screen studio, and demonstrate the features my audiences and students of all types appreciate most. A key feature of this studio setup that I love is that being live online works the same as recording videos, and most of these features work at the push of a button.


In the second part of this webinar, I’ll walk through the 8 hardware and software considerations necessary to successfully put together a user-friendly studio in your office or home.

The cost of this webinar includes a 150-page getting started guide that features screen shots of how exactly I setup my software and scenes. That guide can be bough separately.

60-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic : Enhancing Educator Excellence

Take Control With RIGORTM

My research has shown that one reason many educators become frustrated with their role is because their enacted practice doesn’t fit their ideal. The reason for that misalignment is often a gap in knowledge or resources, or differing expectations.

My RIGORTM problem-processing tool is especially useful for educators to better understand and take control of situations. RIGORTM is efficient, effective, easy to master, and makes an exceptional conversation-starting tool among colleagues, or a performance-discussion tool with team members.


This first part of this workshop introduces participants to typical gaps between ideal and enacted practice experienced by educators. Then, the foundation RIGORTM problem-processing tool and accompanying worksheet is introduced. Taking things to the next level, participants then experience how to use variations of this tool to process choosing between two options, managing misaligned expectations at work, and reflecting on implemented teaching strategies.


You’ll notice these take home worksheets being used again and again by your team as they embrace the concept of processing problems and challenges rather than bogging down in perceived teaching constraints.


Although I’ve written this webinar here to be aimed at educators, the RIGORTM framework is suitable for team members from all departments. I can adjust elements to suite a wider audience as needed.

90-minutes (Contact me to schedule)

Topic: Enhancing Educator Excellence

Advanced Problem-Processing With RIGORTM

In this follow-up workshop, participants learn the typical 4-stage processing path we move through many times a day. They come to understand the 3 F’s of emotion-driven reactions, and learn strategies to take control of their responses.

Participants will use the provided RIGORTM worksheets to process motivational blocks and set lifestyle goals. I share my own personal story of developing these advanced RIGORTM techniques to go from being in a wheelchair to not only now be up walking, but swimming 1km a day and once more being a highly active person with few restrictions.


90-minutes (Contact me to schedule)