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Professional Development Records

As you engage with my on-demand professional development resources, you are encouraged to apply for PD Certificates to be issued

Thank you for engaging with this professional development series which has been developed to help educators achieve a great online experience. Yes - you can request statements of engagement certificates to be issued aligned with these learnings. No - you don't have to do them all at once! Most educators take around 9-12 months to meaningfully engage with the learnings in on my on-demand platform. 

As you move through, simply trigger a request for any single topic once you've engaged with it. Engagement means that you've watched all of the videos labelled as 'essential' within that specific topic. 


You can trigger that request in one of two ways. Either submit the form/s below associated with your chosen topic, or download, save, and complete this Word document and email it to me. 

Regardless of which way you go, you'll be asked to complete a short reflection about your learning. These prompts will help you draw out what your highlight learning was, why that learning is relevant or important in your context, and how you have (or will) incorporate that learning into your practice.

Please note that video analytics can be reviewed to confirm you having watched the essential videos associated with the topic set you are requesting a PD record to be issued for. And yes - I do personally read every reflection submitted :)


If you have any questions or concerns at all, please do reach out to me - I'm here to help :)

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Guidelines for creating video content that learners will engage with 

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Take control with RIGOR 

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