Learn to process problems with RIGORTM

For many people, too much time and energy is wasted feeling frustrated or distracted by problems​

RIGORTM is my user-friendly problem-processing technique that gives you back control so you can focus on the things that matter

At work, home, and anywhere in between, applying the RIGORTM technique will help you more efficiently identify ideals, clarify options, optimise decision-making, and connect with what matters

Big problems and small, roadblocks and dilemmas, RIGORTM also

works brilliantly when collaborating with others

Learn RIGORTM with me today, and

start focusing on what matters!

I know how it feels when our reality doesn’t quite match our ideal. I too used to struggle with losing too much time processing problems, spending too much energy navigating my way through challenges, and feeling frustrated at not being able to focus on the things I really wanted to be focusing on. So, over several years, I spent hundreds of hours researching and designing the solution that is the RIGORTM technique.


The RIGORTM technique has since helped thousands of people take control by learning to process problems in an efficient and effective way. Even the most experienced and confident problem solvers have embraced the RIGORTM technique.

Previous participants have said:

  • I went from reluctant sceptic to not being able to stop talking about these ideas

  • You won’t regret spending an afternoon with Deniese and these tools, this RIGOR technique really does work

  • Now a staple tool throughout our entire organisation

  • So much more than I expected, absolutely brilliant

  • I’ve seen a marked improvement in my job satisfaction, and basically how I approach every day

  • My family can’t stop commenting about how much happier I am, and how much more relaxed I am despite still keeping a hectic schedule.

  • Simply inspirational

  • Life changing – two words I never thought I’d say after a PD event :)


Workshop 1: Take control with RIGORTM

Learn to take control and focus on what matters

During this first 90-minute session, you’ll learn the user-friendly 5-step RIGORTM technique and will immediately start applying it to all aspects of your life. You’ll be confident to identify your ideals, clarify options, optimise decision-making, reflect on implemented strategies, and address conflicts that stem from differing expectations. Using the provided processing worksheets tailored for a variety of situations, you’ll be ready to take control.

Workshop 2: Advanced processing with RIGORTM

Power-up your control and focus

During the second 90-minute session, learning about your embedded 4-stage processing path will give you the power to better control how you’re affected by (and respond to) challenges, situations, and people around you. Learning how to identify then wrangle the 3 F’s of reactions will give you even more control over how you focus your time and energy towards what matters. You’ll learn how to inject more motivating purpose into your actions, and will learn advanced RIGORTM techniques to let go of non-serving beliefs. You’ll be ready to embrace and pursue your ideals.

Public Webinar Workshops

  • 2 x 90-minute events

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Detailed printable workbook provided

Next dates and registration:

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Customised Team Event


  • 2 x 90-minute events

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Customised for your sector and team focus

  • You choose the time that best suits your team

  • Detailed printable workbook provided, co-branded with your details

  • Special co-branded trailer video created for distribution to your team members

On-demand Videos

coming soon

  • Same content, broken down into a cohesive series of self-paced videos

  • Downloadable workbooks provided

  • Being released early 2022

1:1 Private Coaching


  • Highly interactive and completely personalised coaching and training sessions including content review where required

  • Multi-session booking discounts available

  • Start with a no-obligation free consultation