Thriving Live Online

Wanting to know what it is adult learners want from your live online sessions?

Looking for ways to always getting active participation?

Come hear the latest research and learn proven techniques so that you too can thrive live online

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We know that online participants are more likely to pay attention in live sessions if they're actively involved. Furthermore, they're more likely to retain information if they have opportunities to assimilate ideas. Yet let's face it, too often those mic's stay turned off and that chat-box stays empty.

In this webinar, you’ll hear current research about what students want from your live online sessions, and you’ll learn practical strategies for meeting those expectations.

Then, live polling is introduced. Students love the anonymity of live polling, and they respond to the change in pace that comes with using a variety of poll types. During this highly interactive part of the session, you’ll experience this ‘gateway to engagement’ tool first hand. Experience several different poll types to get a feel for the student experience, while discussing why it’s important to embrace different question types for different purposes.


A detailed note taking workbook is provided which features a link to bonus content about how to take effective notes.

Previous participants have said:

  • I can’t believe how many new ideas I’m taking away from this

  • Love that Deniese shows the ‘why’ alongside the ‘what’ and ‘how’

  • I wish I’d learn these things a year ago!!

  • I cannot wait to apply ALL these strategies – they just make sense


Public Webinar Workshop

  • 105-minute event (1-3/4 hr)

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Detailed printable workbook provided

2022 dates and registration:

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Customised Team Event


  • 105-minute event (1-3/4 hr)

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Customised for your sector and team focus

  • You choose the time that best suits your team

  • Detailed printable workbook provided, co-branded with your details

  • Special co-branded trailer video created for distribution to your team members

On-demand Videos

14 Videos, > 60-mins of content

No time to attend the live webinar? No problem! You can learn this same content through a series of 14 digestible, self-paced videos. Dip in and out as time permits, and revisit key concepts as needed. ​

1:1 Private Coaching


  • Highly interactive and completely personalised coaching and training sessions including content review where required

  • Multi-session booking discounts available

  • Start with a no-obligation free consultation