Don't let your 'about me' bio or intro block student engagement

Did you know that your 'about me' educator intro is likely one of the very first things your students look at?

Yet students report that most intro's are actually blocking engagement!

Learn how to fix yours now

First impressions affect drop-out rates and willingness to engage ratios, and quickly gaining the trust and engagement of our students is critical. And where do students go to get that first impression? Your teacher bio or introduction page!


Regardless of how your program is being taught, those intros or ‘about me’ descriptions really do matter.

About me.png

However, my research has shown that students believe those teacher bios are actively blocking engagement. As a result you’re missing a key opportunity to build trust and engagement – two things that are absolutely critical in online education.


Don’t worry – I’ve worked with a communications expert to design and test the perfect formula, and every participant in this webinar will be walked through the process of writing their self-introduction in a way that resonates with students and prompts them to make contact.


The detailed workbook includes all the templates for ongoing use. It also features a link to bonus content about how to take effective notes.

Previous participants have said:

  • A topic I’ve never given much thought to, but gosh, it makes so much sense

  • Having followed this advice and rewritten my introduction, I’m immediately seeing results

  • The workbook is just brilliant

  • I love research-driven PD, you know your time is being well spent


Public Webinar Workshop

  • 75-minute event

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Detailed printable workbook provided

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Customised Team Event


  • 75-minute event

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Customised for your sector and team focus

  • You choose the time that best suits your team

  • Detailed printable workbook provided, co-branded with your details

  • Special co-branded trailer video created for distribution to your team members

On-demand Videos

8 Videos, > 45-mins of content

No time to attend the live webinar? No problem! You can learn this same content through a series of 8 digestible, self-paced videos. Dip in and out as time permits, and revisit key concepts as needed. ​

1:1 Private Coaching


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