This page features resources for those already familiar with the RIGORTM tool 
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Many people find themselves frustrated at work when their outputs don’t quite align with their own ideal of what would be ‘good work’ in that situation. The reason for this misalignment is often a gap in knowledge or available resources. The RIGOR problem-processing tool helps educators identify and address knowledge or resource gaps within their teaching practice.


RIGORTM has since been adopted by more than 1,000 professionals across diverse contexts including beyond education sectors.


Today RIGORTM is used to troubleshoot a range of challenges and situations, such as:

•  Processing problems

•  Knowledge or resource gaps

•  Choosing between option A or B

•  Managing differing expectations

•  Reflecting on an implemented strategy

•  Motivation

•  Processing emotion-driven responses

•  Letting go of non-serving beliefs

•  Setting a clear intent

What is RIGOR?

This foundation worksheet is for those who have already participated in RIGORTM coaching or a workshop, and who are comfortable applying the principles. Intermediate, advanced, and topic-specific worksheets are provided in those workshops and are only available directly from me.

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Foundation Worksheet