Dr Deniese Cox

Your teaching online coach

I get it, before you commit to working with me, you want to know more about who I am and where I came from. That makes sense.


The hard part for me is knowing what part of ‘me’ interests you most.


Some of you care that I have the ‘right’ pieces of paper on the wall (I do – PhD, ML&D, MBA), while others care that I have first-hand experience teaching and learning online (I’ve got buckets of that too), while yet others simply want to know that I’m easy to work with and really can develop personalised online teaching strategies that will work for you and your audience (my clients tell me that’s true too).

So here goes, a little about me...

Dr Deniese Cox


From industry, to educator and researcher, to coach

Like many, I first became an educator because people wanted me to teach what I knew.


My first career before then had been in Oil & Gas leadership roles, and meant being sent around Australia and Asia as an executive manager of corporate service teams. In 2011 a call came from a fast-growing company in China, who I’d worked with previously, asking me to setup and run a large future leaders program. I leapt at the chance to approach their challenges from an education perspective, and found myself thriving in a hands-on teaching and mentoring role. I absolutely loved it! I don’t know about you, but when I love something I have to know more about it.

So, while continuing with corporate training roles (that moved into online contexts in 2013), I completed a Master of Learning & Development in online pedagogy. That degree was completed wholly online.

Yes – my entry into online education back then was a three-pronged experience of teaching online, while studying online, taking subjects all about best-practice online … What a way to sink or swim! 

Upon reflection, those vastly different first-hand experiences were invaluable to shaping my own teaching practice.

Remaining hooked on the affordances and challenges of online education, I couldn't resist investigating the beliefs and practices of online educators for my doctoral studies. And yes, I am 'that' person who loved every moment of my 3-year PhD journey.  During that time I was also a research-fellow on a wide range of online education projects across sectors.


Even though I did enjoy my time teaching best practice online education at Griffith University where I completed my thesis, I found myself more energised by helping the vast range of educators who were calling me asking for support in their own transitions to online. Following that passion, TeachingOnline.com.au was born in early 2020.

So that’s where you find me today; bringing together the many lessons I’ve learned in previous corporate consulting gigs, and my years experiencing, researching, and coaching all about teaching online. Having seen so many online teaching contexts, and worked with a huge variety of successful educators, I know that one-size-fits-all is a myth. There are lots of ways to teach well online and I’m committed to finding the ways that will work best for you and your context.

Working from my home-office/studio in Brisbane, I love meeting new clients. I particularly love that no two clients are the same! Everyone has a different background, different experiences, and different goals.

Today’s clients include VET educators, corporate trainers, university lecturers, and service providers such as lifestyle and personal wellness coaches. I also provide workshops for a variety of institutions and corporate training organisations.

I genuinely look forward to hearing about your journey, and working with you to customise solutions that enable you to achieve your teaching online goals.

Let’s all commit to achieving great online experiences for everyone.

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