Testimonials from clients and students

Client SB


"My first experience teaching online was nothing short of traumatic - for me and for my students (who certainly made their feelings known in the end of course survey). In preparation for the next teaching period, I engaged Deniese to give me some guidance. I expected to receive a few targeted tips – I didn’t expect to get someone so dedicated to my success. Deniese nailed down what she called my ‘teaching strengths’ and figured out some particular online strategies that will suit my students who aren’t the type to log in everyday. The solution wasn’t so much learning some fancy piece of software, but more a case of me understanding how to use the tech I already knew but in a new way. The way she has me now planning my discussion forums has turned out to be a huge time saver and my students now actually do the work! With smiley faces!! I think we’re all a lot happier now and I’m spending half the time on this course than I did last one. I’ve just received their first assignment in and I can see already they’ve really gotten the content this time. And yes, Deniese is as lovely to work with as she looks to be."

Client CP


"I’m happy to write this recommendation for Deniese’s coaching work. In short, she saved my backside with her practical advice and realistic recommendations. Even though I had a good reputation at my institution, the combination of a new department head just as we had to teach online for the first time really landed me in hot water. Deniese got right down to business and had my teaching turned around in no time. I’m not overstating things when I say she rescued the second-half of my semester. I can’t wait to start next semester off on the right foot."

Client KC


"I’ve been teaching accounting online for 3 years and was fairly happy with how it was going. I saw Deniese speak at an event and got really motivated by some of the ideas she shared. It got me thinking that I could stretch myself a bit further and step away from my current set and forget mode. After a quick conversation, I booked in for my version of a tune-up and I’m so pleased that I did. Deniese’s process helped me put aside some of the activities I was doing. I thought they were things every online teacher had to do, but in my case they weren’t actually yielding dividends. Instead, Deniese helped me see the parts of my work that students were responding best to. The best bit is those are the parts I enjoy most too so we’ve ramped them up and my time is now spent on the things that work and that help my students. Best of all I’ve got time to create new content for the first time in ages."

Client JW


"It’s an understatement to say that just one month ago I was one reluctant customer. My employer organised for me to have some sessions with Deniese and looking back at that first meeting I was definitely the old dog not wanting to learn new tricks. Despite everything, Deniese was incredibly patient and took the time to delve into who I was. She found that long buried nugget about why I started teaching in the first place. She also showed me sensible ways to take my favourite teaching strategies and update them for the online world in ways that I can confidently do day to day."

Client CC


"I’m fairly new to the world of education and my students are all really IT savvy. As such they expect fairly innovative stuff and while I can show them all the coding in the world I was a bit lost about how to make my teaching look slick. A colleague recommended Deniese’s service and I’m happy I called. Deniese helped me understand the difference between gimmicks and good technology-supported teaching, and she also helped me learn some pretty cool tricks that my students thought were brilliant. I’m now so much better at picking which bits of technology will actually help my students and avoiding the ones that just distract me and the students. "

A few student reviews of my online teaching approach


"Deniese was always positive and delivered content in an engaging way. I hope to deliver content like her one day."

"Organised, structured, and scaffolded brilliantly. This is the best and most organised course I have been a part of. Deniese wants ALL of her students to succeed and supports us to do so. Can’t fault it."

"Deniese clearly knows her field of online education well and the way she delivered the course content was engaging and relevant. She was personable, funny and supportive. Previously I have found online courses incredibly isolating but Deniese’s constant online presence and encouragement made a huge difference. Deniese seemed to genuinely care about us and our success."

"The passion Deniese has for this subject area shines through and is so motivating for students to learn. Deniese was there the whole way to support us to achieve our best … exactly what a teacher should do and how I aspire to be for my students. She is very personable and goes above and beyond."

"Deniese is a wonderful lecturer and tutor. She is compassionate, approachable and understanding. She also has a very vast knowledge of the topic and is very enthusiastic, which is something I appreciate."

"Deniese’s positive attitude made it a pleasure to turn up online each week. Her willingness to help us reach our academic goals and succeed in this subject was the highlight of my trimester."