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Client Testimonials

Feel free to scroll through these comments, or simply jump straight to the section that's of most interest to you:

Feedback from webinar participants

I must just tell you that your training always inspires me, and sometimes actually keeps me going! Things have been very challenging recently, but you are a breath of fresh air and you encourage me to find the passion again. Thank you!!

Karen, Vocational Lecturer, South Australia

Thanks for delivering this series of webinars. Every single session was packed with practical content and amazing insights that has helped me so much. Within days of each webinar, I was able to start implementing improvements that immediately paid off - who doesn't love happier students?!

Gerald, Senior Lecturer, Brisbane

As a clinical nurse educator, training is a new topic for me. Every one of your sessions has really helped me so much, especially around engagement and content (well, everything really). 

Kate, Trainer, Sydney

May I just say that your webinar yesterday was hugely professional, illuminating, and reassuring for my online teaching practice in all respects. Keep up your inspiring practice, and thank you for all the work you do.

Judith, Support Services, Perth

Thank you for delivering a really fabulous and engaging webinar yesterday, there were so many great things in it. I mentioned to our leadership how great your webinars are and have recommended they become essential for every one of our team members. 

Kristy, Vocational Trainer, Adelaide


I'm always so inspired by your energy, genuine enthusiasm, and extremely practical strategies that make sense and that we can apply right away. Thanks for another great session.

David, University Lecturer, Brisbane

Wanted to let you know that I attended 6 of your webinars this year and I'm ending the year significantly happier than I started it. My content is better. My teaching is better. My students are happier. And it's all thanks to your insights. 

Jasmine, University Professor, Cairns


I've just attended one of your webinars for the first time - where can I sign up for the whole series? Your work is simply brilliant and I'm excited to learn more. Your presentation was such a refreshing change from every other event I've attended this year.

Kyle, Vocational Trainer, Wellington

•  Deniese's webinars are always so informative and well structured!

•  Love her green screen presentation method, it's so much more engaging than the old presenter box off to the side of shared screen ppt's. 

•  Seriously, that was nearly 2-hours? It flew by ... so much interesting, engaging, and relevant content.

•  Always engaging, relevant, and insightful. My students are loving the strategies I've learned from you. 

From Velg Training attendees:

  • First PD of this type I have actually found useful!

  • New and refreshing ideas that will definitely make a difference.

  • Engaging interaction - clear and sound reasoning throughout.

  • Excellent format ... the time just flies by, it's so engaging.

  • Like being able to use the knowledge that we learned.

  • Lively, informative, very worthwhile.

  • Deniese provided such an engaging and information session, that was worth the cost of attendance (at the conference) alone. 

  • Deniese knows her stuff. Very impressed.

  • Deniese was the greatest presenter ever. This session was awesome!

Public webinar participants
Feedback from team event participants

Two months after our education team finished your webinar series, the results speak for themselves. Our students are now happier, genuinely engaged, and back on track achieving exceptional outcomes. Thank you. 

Shannon, Corporate Trainer, Sydney

Dr Deniese’s webinar was so insightful. Not only did she debunk some myths about teaching and learning online, she shared some ‘secrets’ which are practical strategies on how educators can teach more effectively.

Dr U, Malaysian Ministry of Education

​Finally! A guest speaker who talked about practical strategies we can actually implement without access to high-end technology and endless resources!

Webinar participant, Malaysia

•  Deniese is not only engaging and fun – she’s also always informative!

•  I could listen to Deniese all day :)

•  I took heart from Deniese reminding us that ‘everything is learnable’.

Webinar participants, South Australia

•  Deniese – you are a breath of fresh air, we really enjoyed having you with us.

•  Deniese’s workshop was my favourite – particularly the RIGOR method to assist us in identifying our knowledge gaps.

•  I picked up lots of new ideas from Deniese’s action-packed presentation. Can’t wait to try them!

•  Deniese’s workshop gave us so many hands-on strategies that I will definitely be actioning.

Webinar participants, Queensland

•  My favourite workshop today! Hers was the most practical and insightful of them all.

•  I really appreciated the passion with which Deniese speaks – she was really motivating and energising.

•  The Q&A part was particularly helpful. Deniese was really generous with sharing her extensive knowledge.

•  I liked how Deniese didn’t pretend that teaching is a perfect science, it was nice how she encouraged us to adapt these ideas to suit our own style and context.

•  This is the second time I’ve seen Deniese speak at an event, I learn so much from watching how she connects with the audience.

•  Loved the combination of research-driven insights and practical tips that we can actually use.

•  What genuine enthusiasm!

Webinar participants, Singapore

Team event participants
Feedback from 1:1 coaching clients

Working with Deniese has been a game changer. Her engaging and educated approach made me feel like I had found someone that was going to take my work to the next level. Deniese is so insightful, and in each session she gave me the best advice I have ever had in terms of structure, delivery and performance. I am so glad I found Deniese and Teaching Online and I highly recommend working with her.

Amanda C, Resilience coach and speaker, Melbourne

​My first experience teaching online was nothing short of traumatic - for me and for my students (who certainly made their feelings known in the end of course survey). In preparation for the next teaching period, I engaged Deniese to give me some guidance. I expected to receive a few targeted tips – I didn’t expect to get someone so dedicated to my success. Deniese nailed down what she called my ‘teaching strengths’ and figured out some particular online strategies that will suit my students who aren’t the type to log in everyday. The solution wasn’t so much learning some fancy piece of software, but more a case of me understanding how to use the tech I already knew but in a new way. The way she has me now planning my discussion forums has turned out to be a huge time saver and my students now actually do the work! With smiley faces!! I think we’re all a lot happier now and I’m spending half the time on this course than I did last one. I’ve just received their first assignment in and I can see already they’ve really gotten the content this time. And yes, Deniese is as lovely to work with as she looks to be.

Simon B, VET trainer, Brisbane.

​I’m happy to write this recommendation for Deniese’s coaching work. In short, she saved my backside with her practical advice and realistic recommendations. Even though I had a good reputation at my institution, the combination of a new department head just as we had to teach online for the first time really landed me in hot water. Deniese got right down to business and had my teaching turned around in no time. I’m not overstating things when I say she rescued the second-half of my semester. I can’t wait to start next semester off on the right foot.

Carlie B, University lecturer, Sydney

​I’ve been teaching accounting online for 3 years and was fairly happy with how it was going. I saw Deniese speak at a work event and got really motivated by some of the ideas she shared. It got me thinking that I could stretch myself a bit further and step away from my current set-and-forget mode. After a quick conversation, I booked in for my version of a tune-up and I’m so pleased that I did. Deniese’s process helped me put aside some of the activities I was doing. I thought they were things every online teacher had to do, but in my case they weren’t actually yielding dividends. Instead, Deniese helped me see the parts of my work that students were responding best to. The best bit is those are the parts I enjoy most too so we’ve ramped them up and my time is now spent on the things that work and that help my students. Best of all I’ve got time to create new content for the first time in ages.

Karen C, VET lecturer, Cairns

​It’s an understatement to say that just one month ago I was one reluctant customer. My employer organised for me to have some sessions with Deniese and looking back at that first meeting I was definitely the old dog not wanting to learn new tricks. Despite everything, Deniese was incredibly patient and took the time to delve into who I was. She found that long buried nugget about why I started teaching in the first place. She also showed me sensible ways to take my favourite teaching strategies and update them for the online world in ways that I can confidently do day-to-day.

Janice W, Corporate trainer, Adelaide

​I’m fairly new to the world of education and my students are all really IT savvy. As such they expect fairly innovative stuff and while I can show them all the coding in the world I was a bit lost about how to make my teaching look slick. A colleague recommended Deniese’s service and I’m happy I called. Deniese helped me understand the difference between gimmicks and good technology-supported teaching, and she also helped me learn some pretty cool tricks that my students thought were brilliant. I’m now so much better at picking which bits of technology will actually help my students and avoiding the ones that just distract me and the students.

Clarrie C, VET trainer, Brisbane


​I was recently terrified when the conference I was supposed to speak at got changed to be fully online. I knew nothing about the mechanics of being online, and I was really worried about how to properly get my message across without the energy of being live in an auditorium. Deniese was amazing. She nurtured my confidence, guided me through changing the flow of my presentation to keep the energy and engagement up, and made sure that I knew how to use the tools provided in such a way as to still be myself. I can’t thank Deniese enough for her wisdom and insight.

Charli P, Nutritionist, Brisbane

1:1 coaching clients
Feedback from my previous Griffith University 4th year B.Ed students and M.Ed students

Thank you for such an amazing course. You are very knowledgeable and make information interesting and accessible. You have continually modelled effective online practices to support our current learning as students and how to apply this as future teachers. Keira

While I’m proud of my achievements through this course, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing assistance from you. This course was extremely engaging, and I loved every minute of it! Kaitlin

I truly appreciate your dedication to making our learning journey a relatable, relevant, and exciting one! In my 3-years of study at Griffith University, I have never felt so supported and encouraged to engage in a course. The content, delivery, knowledge, and everything else in between was incredible and I felt as though I learnt a bunch of really valuable skills because of your guidance. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Kaeley

I am truly so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you, this course has truly been one of the best ones in our entire degree and is truly because of the excellent teaching from you. Ashley

I just want to say thank you for building and teaching a super engaging and valuable course! This is one of my favourite courses I have taken in my degree so far and that is all due to you and your teaching. I have always been someone who struggles to learn online and maintaining motivation to get the work done; however yours was always a course I was excited to take part in each week because of your constant support and engaging sessions. The two assessment pieces were the most relatable and worthwhile projects I have completed in this degree. Abby

I have had a wonderful time completing this course and aspire to be as an amazing educator like you. Niahm

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and can confidently say it has been the highlight of my uni career to date! Thank you for all you have done to make this so enjoyable and informative. Claire.

Thank you so much for the engaging course! It’s clear you have a lot of passion for the subject, it shines through in how you teach and support us and it’s amazing. You have inspired more than one of us – myself included – to more meaningfully integrate technologies into our teaching practice. Matthew

This course has been fantastic and you are a wonderful, inspiring teacher. I have learnt a lot in this course and am grateful for your tutelage. I aspire to be a teacher that is as engaging, caring, and energetic as you are! Thank you for being amazing. Hedy

This course was incredible! I have truly never completed a course with such a supportive and holistic approach to education. It was inspirational watching Deniese teach and I wish I had her throughout my whole degree!! Ashley

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for your efforts this semester. I’m not just saying this, but probably one of my favourite courses I have completed in my Bachelor due to your driven and motivated attitude to teaching. All of the people I have talked to about this course have loved not only the structure but how the content was presented in such a positive and enthusiastic way. Your teaching attitude definitely affected and changed different aspects of my personal teaching. Samuel

Deniese is incredibly supportive and encouraging. Through her guidance we were all fighting to share our ideas because we felt like we were valued. In all honesty, Griffith should get Deniese to tutor all the other lecturers! None of us engage in other classes online like we did with Deniese's. M.Ed learner.

Prevous students
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