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Learner Digital Skills for Education & Training:
A research-driven good practice guide
to inform your selection and implementation
of learner digital skill support systems

Welcome! It's great to have you here taking an interest in digital skills as a barrier to education participation in vocational education and workplace training.

I think we can all agree that adults of all ages have the right to access education. In the vocational education and workplace training spaces, digital skills have been identified as a barrier for many learners seeking to engage with education programs and qualifications. With the support of expert advisors, I've been actively researching this since 2021 through focus groups and interviews with educators and learners, field testing of intervention strategies, and a review of several leading digital testing and teaching tools.

Not only are digital skills a barrier to education participation for learners, but an impact on provider time and resources has also been identified. Educators reported that providing remedial digital skills support is is placing an unsustainable burden on them. Educators identified that providing support is often outside their job role, their expertise, and the scope of the assigned content being delivered.

To address these learner and educator challenges, a good practice guide has been developed. It contains 10 practical, research-driven guidelines to inform the selection and implementation of digital skills support systems. 

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This guide is available FREE to all educators and providers. No sales pitches, no gimmicks – I’m so passionate about digital skills as a barrier to education that I’ve funded this entire project so that every provider can have equal, free access to the insights.

NOTE: No commercial gain is being realised in the development of this guide; distribution of it and the insights therein will not be for commercial use by any party.

Drawing on or referring to this work must be accurately cited in all instances:

Cox, D. (2023). Digital skills for education and training: A good practice guide. 

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