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12-min video: Introducing my on-demand platform; Pricing; A little about me; More detail about each topic within the platform

You can start learning practical, proven strategies for teaching well online right now!

Are you experiencing uncertainty or frustration with your online teaching/training?

Are your students not connecting with you and your content in the way you'd like?

Don't worry - you're not alone!

I know how unsatisfying and draining a less than ideal online teaching experience can be, and I know the workload involved in keeping up with all the demands of teaching in vocational, university, and corporate settings. 

Drawing on years of hands-on experience, extensive formal study, and ongoing first-hand research, I've helped thousands of educators just like you learn proven, actionable strategies to achieve great online outcomes. 

Sure I've got a Masters in Online Learning and a PhD in Online Teaching - but I'm not coming at you with unrealistic theoretical ideas that just don't cut it in the real world. My strategies are founded in exceptional online teaching understandings, and have been refined and tested in diverse online contexts to ensure they really do work for educators and students alike (without destroying your workload). 

Best of all, my on-demand video platform means you're not locked into set dates and times that just don't fit with your busy schedule

My comprehensive content is presented in digestible pieces so that you can dip in and out as time permits, controlling your own learning journey every step of the way


More than 8-hours of comprehensive content spanning 8 teaching online topics with more than 65 videos


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The 8 Teaching Online Topics


A few teaching online foundations

This set of 8 videos (> 45-mins content) is ideal for those who are newer to teaching online. Here you’ll be introduced to the spectrum of online education modes and learn that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all version of the ‘right’ way to teach well online.


The 4 roles of online educators

This set of 8 videos (> 60-mins content) introduces you to a user-friendly framework for understanding what learners need and want from their online educator. You’ll really appreciate the fantastic range of planning and reflection tools that come with this video set.


Guidelines for making video content that students will watch

Let’s face it – unwatched videos represent wasted resources. In this essential set of 10 videos (> 60-mins content) you’ll learn why it is that on-demand and online students are demanding more and more video content. You’ll also learn why it is that students are quick to switch videos right back off when we miss the mark. The practical strategies you’ll learn in this video set will have you making great video content in no time. 


Click-worthy learning content

Lots of educators get frustrated when they put time and effort into creating great online content, only for students to not engage with it. Don’t worry, in this set of 8 videos (> 70-mins content) you’ll learn proven, practical, easy-to-implement strategies that do result in more learners engaging with more of your content more often. Absolutely essential viewing! 


Thriving live online

We know that learners are more likely to pay attention in live sessions if they’re actively involved. They’re also more likely to retain information if they have opportunities to assimilate it. Yet let’s face it – too often those microphones stay silent and that chat box stays frustratingly empty. Don’t worry! In this set of 14 videos (> 60-mins content) you’ll learn what it is that students want from your live online sessions and how to get their active engagement within those sessions. 


Don't let your 'about me' intro keep blocking student engagement

Did you know that your about-me bio or self-intro is one of the very first things students go looking for? And did you know that students report most of the time our bio’s aren’t resonating with them? Worst of all, students report poorly written bio’s are negatively affecting willingness to engage, optimism for learning, trust in content, and even course drop-out rates. In this set of 8 videos (> 45-mins content) you’ll be guided step-by-step through a proven formula for writing a self-introduction that really does resonate with students and make a great first impression. 


Yes! You too can green screen

If you’re curious about how I get my videos looking so great standing in front of my content slides, then this set of 10 videos (> 60-mins content) reveals all. Here you’ll learn what hardware and software I use to bring her videos and live sessions to life with zero video editing!


Take control with RIGOR

The reality is that many educators feel that too much of their time and energy is wasted feeling frustrated or distracted by problems, constraints, and all the decisions needing to be made and actioned (at work and at home). In this video set you’ll be introduced to the extraordinary RIGOR technique where you’ll learn to process all kinds of problems and challenges in a way that gives you back control so you really can focus on the things that matter most to you.