You too can green screen

Have you been wanting to take your online presentations or recordings to the next level?

Are you curious about what's involved in adding green screen technology to your work space?

Come see what's involved and what equipment + software you'll need

One of the most frequently asked questions at my webinars is 'how can I look like that too?' - they're sure as anything not referring to my wrinkly face, they're referring to a camera feed that makes it look like I'm standing right in front of my PowerPoint slides and other materials. The answer is a very user-friendly green screen studio setup in my home office.

A setup like this will take your live online sessions and recorded video content to the next level, and audiences respond incredibly well to the increased presence of you, your body language, and your interaction with materials. A key feature of this studio setup is that being live online works the same as recording videos, and most of these features work at the push of a button with zero video editing or fuss.

In this webinar I’ll demonstrate some of the features having a setup like this opens up for you. Then I’ll walk you through the eight hardware and software elements you’ll want to consider. Yes, I do share what to budget for each component so you can decide if this type of setup is right for you. Yes, there’ll be plenty of time for questions and discussion too. No, I don’t walk you through each step of the software setup, but I have written a separate 150-page getting started guide if you do decide to take the plunge.

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Green screen home 1.jpg

Previous participants have said:

  • So generous with her knowledge and experiences when answering questions

  • I appreciated how Deniese explained the individual parts so we can make decisions about what will work best for our own space and limited budget

  • I’m amazed how easy it’s going to be to do this setup for myself

  • The getting-started book is worth getting, it’s fantastic - well worth purchasing in addition to the webinar


Public Webinar Workshop

  • 60-minute event

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Detailed printable workbook provided

  • 150-page OBS getting-started guide 

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Customised Team Event


  • 60-minute event

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Customised for your sector and team focus

  • You choose the time that best suits your team

  • Detailed printable workbook provided, co-branded with your details

  • Special co-branded trailer video created for distribution to your team members

  • 150-page OBS getting-started guide 

On-demand Videos

10 Videos, > 60-mins of content

No time to attend the live webinar? No problem! You can learn this same content through a series of 10 digestible, self-paced videos. Dip in and out as time permits, and revisit key concepts as needed. ​

1:1 Private Coaching


  • Highly interactive and completely personalised coaching and training sessions including content review where required

  • Multi-session booking discounts available

  • Start with a no-obligation free consultation