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Guidelines for creating video content that students will watch

Do you know why more and more students are demanding video content?

Do you know what makes them switch many of those videos right back off again?

Come learn proven strategies for creating videos that do get watched

Many of today's students expect to see pre-recorded video content as part of their learning materials. They want to watch your presentations in their own time, and they want to revisit key concepts on demand. Yet those same students are saying that teacher-made videos are often missing the mark.


Unwatched videos represent wasted resources, time, and effort!


In this webinar, you will learn practical guidelines to plan and record videos that students will actually watch. Built from research that monitored online student behaviour and reasonings, you won’t want to miss these important insights and practical guidelines.  


The detailed workbook includes all the planning tools and templates for ongoing use. 

Video guidelines.png

Previous participants have said:

  • My big ah-ha moment was that we don’t need a fancy studio to make the videos students want

  • These guidelines showed us how essential videos are, and also how to just get on with it

  • These work! Our students seriously love our new videos

  • The planning sheets are brilliant – I use them all the time now

Register for 28th July

11am AEST (Brisbane time)

Presented live from my green screen studio

Includes 30-days access to this topic on-demand

Contact me for bulk registrations or other queries

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