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Tech Talk

Videos in this section are focused on technological support tools and equipment that you may be utilising

Practical Insights From Researchers

Making education research accessible with practical summaries from the researchers themselves.

(Note: Due to journal copyright rules, I cannot post the articles themselves here - contact me for a copy). 

How do your students engage in online chat-based learning spaces? Do they contribute to the conversation (champions and strikers) or simply click ‘like’ (hustlers and bench sitters)? This video summarises new research that will help you understand and plan for different engagement types online.

As online educators, our teaching practice is not always aligned with our ideal of a 'good' educator. This video presents the results of recently published research that identified what factors affect our practice and cause this misalignment from our ideal. Use this model to reflect on your own ideals and practice, and address tensions that may be affecting you and your students. 

We know that student-led, inquiry-based education represents an exemplary approach to teaching ... but what strategies can you enact to foster that questioning mindset amongst your students? Find out in this video featuring first-hand tips from one of the greats, Mr John Cowan.