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Deniese Cox;




Don't be left behind

Work with me, Deniese Cox,

to move past the one-size-fits-all advice and tips;

Let's implement strategies that make sense for you or your team

What kind of online educator do you want to be?

I work with individuals and teams to align each persons unique strengths and style with the foundations of good online education that are relevant to your teaching context

I offer timely, personalised coaching

services within the VET, corporate, and tertiary sectors that lead to actionable strategies educators can confidently apply

As your coach, I bring years of first-hand online education experience driven by focused study and research

How my coaching works

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Get Started

No obligation, free consultation

Step 2

Build Your Foundations

Investigative process resulting in the development of a personalised, actionable online strategy

Step 3

Implementation Support

Multiple options for ongoing support as

your new strategies

are executed

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