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Are you experiencing uncertainty or frustration with your online teaching/training?

Are your students not connecting with you and your content in the way you’d like?

Are you not getting the outcomes online that you want?

Don't worry, you're not alone

I know how unsatisfying a less than ideal online teaching experience can be, and I know the workload involved in keeping up with all the demands of teaching in vocational, university, and corporate settings.


Drawing on years of hands-on experience, extensive formal study, and ongoing first-hand research, I’ve helped thousands of educators learn proven, actionable strategies to achieve great online outcomes.

Sure I've got a Masters in Online Learning and a PhD in Online Teaching - but I'm not coming at you with unrealistic theoretical ideas that just don't cut it in the real world. My strategies are founded in exceptional online teaching understandings, and have been refined and tested in diverse online contexts to ensure they really do work for educators and students alike (without destroying your workload). 

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