Personalised coaching and reviews to achieve a better online experience for you and your students


Personalised, timely, hands-on 1:1 and small group coaching to achieve great outcomes within your unique teaching online context

Whether it’s personalised coaching, a review of your content, or a combination of both, I’ll work with you to develop solutions that are right for you and your unique context. You’ll soon be efficiently implementing effective strategies using technology and tools that you’re comfortable with, enabling you to be the educator you want to be.


Teaching well online – whether live online, in pre-recorded videos, or through self-paced content – is rarely about technological wizardry. Instead, it’s about you confidently implementing effective strategies that best fit your unique style, topic, context, and purpose.

Some clients want to fine-tune one particular area, others want a more intense coaching program or review of their content, and yet others seek ad-hoc support as new needs or goals arise over time.

Whatever your needs, my coaching is flexible, responsive, and timely.


There when you need me, and not when you don’t - my coaching modules are pay-as-you-go which means you can start-stop anytime as needed

Start with a free no-obligation consultation

Indicative costs are $175/hr or $150/hr when purchased in packs