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Yes, teaching online is different;
No, technology isn't now in the driver's seat

In this webinar workshop, you'll learn why teaching online does feel like such a different space in which to teach. Busting 5 common myths about teaching online helps educators see how technology supports and changes their role, but cannot and should not replace them. You'll also learn about the spectrum of online education modes, and consider which is the right mode for you and your context. 

An important message here is that already familiar strategies and tools don't get thrown out the window. To demonstrate this, three innovative ways PowerPoint is being used by educators to get their students interacting with content are unpacked - spoiler alert, these three strategies have nothing to do with presenting information slides!

Tech trap.png

Previous participants have said:

  • So many ah-ha moments ... this all helped make sense of my own experiences

  • What genius solutions - I know my students will love those ideas

  • A great getting started point when you're new to online

  • This webinar is now a foundation requirement for everyone who joins our team

Public Webinar Workshop

  • 90-minute event

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Detailed printable workbook provided

Next dates and registration:

  • Register to receive updates of new dates as they're announced

Customised Team Event


  • 90-minute event

  • Interactive

  • Facilitated via Zoom from my Brisbane studio

  • Customised for your sector and team focus

  • You choose the time that best suits your team

  • Detailed printable workbook provided, co-branded with your details

  • Special co-branded trailer video created for distribution to your team members

On-demand Videos

8-videos, 45-mins of content

  • Much of the same content as the webinar, broken down into a cohesive set of self-paced videos

  • Downloadable workbook provided

  • Variety of access options available

1:1 Private Coaching


  • Highly interactive and completely personalised coaching and training sessions including content review where required

  • Multi-session booking discounts available

  • Start with a no-obligation free consultation

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